1. Information About Myself (Background/Current Info.)

Thank you for participating. This survey is approximately 6 pages long and should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

A few important notes before you start:
- Once you start the survey, please complete it because your responses will not be saved if you leave the website.

- An asterisk * indicates that the question must be answered to continue with the survey.

- When you are done, please consider forwarding the link and information about the survey to any adult sibling you think may be interested and willing to participate and/or to others that can pass it along to siblings.

- All responses will be kept confidential but we will be glad to share our findings with you if you send us a separate email to mblueglass@aol.com Please type "Sibling Survey Participant" in the subject line of the email, to maintain confidentiality. We also hope to share our overall findings with as many people as possible through sibling support groups, sibling conferences, and publications focused on helping the families of people with special needs.

Thank you for helping us in our efforts to make a difference.

Morgan Blueglass, Elyse Blueglass, Amanda Buonagurio
(Somers High School, NY & Yorktown High School, NY)

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* 2. What is your gender?

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* 5. If you have children, do any of them have special needs?

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* 7. Where does your sibling with special needs live in relation to you?

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* 8. Do you have more than one sibling with special needs?
(If "Yes", one full survey needs to be filled out for each sibling with special needs. If this is the case please consider filling in a survey for each sibling with special needs by re-clicking on the link in the original email.)

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* 9. Do you have any typically developing (without special needs) siblings?