Thank you for your interest in adjudicating for the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association.  The following form allows us to get to know you better and to keep our database up-to-date so that we can continue providing festivals with a high standard of adjudicating as well as providing great assignments for you.

Here are a few notes before you begin:

1) This application has just been put online in this format - if you have any issues with it, your feedback would be appreciated. And if the online approach is intimidating, I am happy to assist, or even offer you an offline version if necessary!  Please contact Karen Klassen at karen.smfa@sasktel.net.

2) The final page offers an opportunity to upload your bios (your regular bio as well as a shortened version of 100-200 words) and photo, so you may want to have those documents prepared before beginning (you may also send these separately if you prefer)

3) This form is designed for 4 different types of adjudicators and it will direct you through it according to your answers on the first page; so while there are 24 questions in total (as indicated on the bottom of the screen) no individual application will contain that many.