Thank you for your interest in adjudicating for the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association.  The following form allows us to get to know you better and to keep our database up-to-date so that we can continue providing festivals with a high standard of adjudicating as well as providing great assignments for you.

Here are a few notes before you begin:

1) If the online format of this application is problematic for you, please let me know so I can assist or even offer you an offline version if necessary (note that it doesn't work for you to print this off as it is divided into pages that you can only access by actually filling it out online).  Please contact Carol Donhauser at carol.smfa@sasktel.net.

2) The final page offers an opportunity to upload your bios (your regular bio as well as a shortened version of 100-200 words) and photo, so you may want to have those documents prepared before beginning (you may also send these separately if you prefer)

3) This form is designed for 4 different types of adjudicators; be sure to select the one that applies to you best as each type will receive a tailored set of questions.