This survey is designed to provide information to the Agency of Education (AOE) and Agency of Human Services (AHS)
  • - whether or not schools are meeting the requirements of Section 9 16 V.S.A. §563a of Act One
  • - when and how this was accomplished
  • - what is the plan for insuring that new hires receive this information
  • - if this orientation, information or training has not yet occurred, what is the plan for the 2013-14 school year
  • - what is the plan in future years for sustainability?

Hopefully, the information that is provided will inform the AOE and AHS what resources are being used and what resources are needed.

Section 9. V.S.A. §563a reads: “The school board of a school district shall ensure that adults employed in the schools maintained by the district receive orientation, information or instruction on the prevention, identification, and reporting of child sexual abuse as defined in subdivision 4912(8) of Title 33, and sexual violence. This shall include information regarding the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse, sexual violence, grooming processes, recognizing the dangers of child sexual abuse in and close to the home, and other predatory behaviors of sex offenders…"

Before you begin the survey, make sure that you have the people who can help you answer the questions – school counselor, SAP, social worker, school psychologist, nurse, health educator. To preview this survey go to: click here