Accommodation Listing Disclaimer

Accommodation listings are provided to current Stratford Chefs School students and contract staff exclusively. The next school session runs from October 2016 to the beginning of March 2017.
By registering your accommodation with the school, you agree that: the Stratford Chefs School is not responsible in any way for any situation that may arise between the accommodation provider and the renter; any damages, non-payment of rent, or any other issue arising from the rental of your property is the sole responsibility of the renter. 
The Stratford Chefs School does not match students to accommodations; the accommodations provider is responsible for screening all potential renters. 
The Stratford Chefs School lists accommodations based solely on the information provided in the following survey. 

* 1. Personal Contact Information

* 2. Type of accommodation:

* 3. Maximum number of occupants:

* 4. Number of rooms available:

* 5. Please provide a description of the available accommodation:

* 6. Please select all that apply:

* 7. Are your accommodations available in the summer months?

* 8. Please include any other details you would like to share? (Be as specific as possible).