ASpire is conducting research in partnership with Healthwatch Brighton and Hove, into the barriers adults with Asperger's/Autism Spectrum conditions may experience when accessing local health and social care services. It is really important to us that you have a voice when it comes to how health and social care services are delivered. This survey is way you can feedback and let local services know about what works well and what improvements/ideas you have to make things better. If you are a parent/carer completing this survey, please complete it as if you are the person you care for with Asperger's/Autism Spectrum conditions - it is important that we gather the perspectives of individuals with Asperger's/Autism Spectrum conditions.

ASpire and Healthwatch Brighton and Hove thank you for your time filling this out.

The project is funded by the local watchdog for the health and social care services, called Healthwatch Brighton and Hove.


  • is all about people like you
  • is here to give you a stronger voice about how local health and social care services are delivered for you, your family and community
  • can give you the opportunity to create a health and care system that really meets your needs
  • enables you to make informed choices about your health and wellbeing by assisting with your concerns or complaints about these services