FIRST infographic
Trades people are needed now! Red Seal Certification is in demand.
700,000 trades persons are retiring before 2028. 
We need to fill the GAP.

FIRST (Fostering Inclusion in Red Seal Trades) will work with apprentices and employers to break down barriers for motivated individuals to become apprentices or further themselves towards a Red Seal Trade. FIRST is a government sponsored program led by CCRW, an organization that is committed to inclusivity. We are accepting apprentices across Canada at any stage in their apprenticeship, from school, to work, to exam preparation.

44% of Apprentices won’t complete their RED SEAL CERTIFICATION! 
FIRST is the answer you didn’t know you needed!

Ambition breeds success. Let us help remove barriers on your journey.
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For a full list of all 55 Red Seal Trades, visit the Red Seal Trades website