* 2. Please rate how well we have informed you about the details of the program and communicated with you during the season.

  Great Job Adequate Need to do better
Explained the development philosophy for the Academy Squad Program
Provided details as to what is included with the program fee
Communicated events during the season
Communicated off season opportunities

* 3. Please comment on anything specific you would like to see with regard to information dissemination and communication.

* 4. Our head coaches are members of the NE Revolution Academy. We aim to provide the highest quality coaching experience. Please respond on the following attributes.

  Yes No
Prepared for the session
Motivates your player
Connected with the parents

* 5. Our Academy Squad program is run by professional coaches. Is there anything about your child's coach(es) that we should know, good or bad, that will help us to continue providing your child with the best possible soccer experience?

* 6. The Academy Squad Program is designed to provide a positive training and development experience. Please answer the following.

  Yes No
Did your child enjoy this soccer season?
Did your child enjoy the training sessions?
Was your player challenged in training ?
Was the Academy Squad a positive experience for your child?

* 7. Were you and your child's expectations for this season met? Did you see progress towards those goals?

* 8. The Squads participated in the Natick Columbus Day tournament this Fall. Please respond on the following

  Yes No
Did your child enjoy the tournaments?
Did the tournaments add to team spirit?
Should holiday weekend tournaments be part the Academy Squad program?
Should tournament player participation be mandatory?

* 9. Do you have comments or recommendations for the Academy Squad Program?

* 10. Optional - Name and email address

* 11. Optional - If you would like to discuss any of the above with an SYSA Board Member please leave a phone number?