Eurobodalla Shire Council Statement of Commitment to Reconciliation:

Eurobodalla Shire Council acknowledges the rights of Aboriginal people to live according to their beliefs and customs and gives due respect and recognition of customary lore, heritage, beliefs and traditions.
Eurobodalla Shire Council acknowledges that reconciliation means having an appreciation of how the past has impacted on generations of Aboriginal people and how we build a community for today.
Eurobodalla Shire Council commits to reconciliation valuing empathy, dignity, respect and fairness. We commit to working with the community towards reconciliation and to the provision of services, programs and activities that support growth and development of Aboriginal communities.

Thank you for filling out our survey. Your views will be used to help the Aboriginal Advisory Committee and Council work together to develop an Aboriginal Action Plan for the next four years. The purpose of the plan is to identify key social, cultural, environmental, economic and civic leadership issues facing Aboriginal people in the Eurobodalla and make recommendations for Council to implement which assist in improving the wellbeing of Aboriginal people.

* 1. Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?

* 2. Which age group do you belong to?

* 3. What gender do you identify with?

* 4. In which Eurobodalla postcode do you live?

* 5. In general how would you rate your health?

* 6. Using the scale provided, to what extent do you agree with the following statements about living in Eurobodalla?

  Strongly disagree Disagree Not sure Agree Strongly agree

My community feels like home

I feel safe walking in my neighbourhood at night

I feel I have the same opportunities in this community as people who are not Aboriginal

I feel a responsibility to contribute to the community

If there was a problem in the community people would get together to solve it

If I had an emergency, people I do not know would help me

It is very important for me to live where I do

* 7. Please tick activities you have done in our shire during the last three months (you may select more than one answer).

* 8. Which of the following prevent you from doing the activities in question 7.

* 9. We are interested in your thoughts on Eurobodalla Shire Council. Using the scale provided please, indicate how well you believe Council is providing the services and facilities in the following areas.

  Below average Average Above average Excellent Unsure
Children’s services – family day care, vacation care, after school care
Youth services – youth cafes, youth activities
Aboriginal Advisory Committee
Arts events and networking
Heritage and environment preservation
Water, rubbish and road services
Encouraging Aboriginal participation
Economic development
Parks and gardens

* 10. If there was a problem at home due to an illness or disability would you know how and where to access information and services?

* 11. What would you like Council to know about your current experience living in Eurobodalla Shire?