The Abilities Task force is co-convened by Ohio's state coalitions, Ohio Domestic Violence Network (ODVN) and Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence (OAESV) along with the Ohio School for the Deaf. The task force has undergone name changes in the past. Some of you may know it by the former names of the Domestic Violence and Disabilites Taskforce or the Abilities Caucus. The change in the name reflects the evolving understanding of group members and a reflection that this group is focused on task or goals, and not having a political voice which is often meant by a caucus.

The Task Force focuses on bringing together professionals working with the Deaf and/or Disabilities communities, members of the Deaf and/or Disabilities community and advocates from domestic violence and sexual violence. There are several goals of the task force:
1. To provide networking opportunities for advocates, professionals and community members so that they can learn from each other about what the needs of the community are, how violence impacts those within in the Deaf and Disability community and how to provide services in a culturally competent and sensitive manner
2. To share resources and build upon professional knowledge
3. To provide educational/training opportunities to advocates, professionals and Deaf and/or Disabilities community members.

The purpose of this survey is to collect information from community members as well as professionals doing work with/for individuals who are part of the the Deaf and/or Disabilities community about the needs they see in their communities. The Abilities Task Force is committed to providing relevant training and information to Task Force members, as well at the community at large, in order to address important issues that impact those who are part of the Deaf or Disability community. The results of this survey will help the Task Force plan future activities.

If you have any questions please contact:

Teresa Lopez, MSW, LSW
Outreach Coordinator to Underserved Populations
Ohio Domestic Violence Network
4807 Evanswood Drive, Suite 201
Columbus, Ohio 43229
614-781-9651 ext . 229

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.