Boozhoo Aamjiwnaang Community!  In 2016, the MOECC began a Communication Needs Assessment with the Aamjiwnaang First Nation community.  Ministry staff met with 23 community members and 5 focus groups to better understand communication needs for environmental information. 

The MOECC would like to invite you to complete this survey for this final phase of the needs assessment.  Please complete this survey and have a chance to win a $100 gift certificate.  The Aamjiwnaang Environment Department has generously donated this gift certificate.  All information will be kept confidential and the results of the survey will not include any individual names.  We will need your e-mail or name and phone number to enter into a draw for a $100 gift certificate.  If you do not wish to enter the draw, you do not have to fill out your contact information.


* To be eligible for the gift card draw, please write your e-mail OR name and phone number.