Arizona Peace Trail, INC. is developing a master plan to create a multiuse trail system for OHVs and other types of trail-based recreation for both area residents and visitors. The trail is a 750 mile loop trail between Bullhead City and Yuma, Arizona.  The system is anticipated to have over 1500 miles of rural trails and rural dirt roads including connections to towns.  Please complete the following survey to help us plan a trail system you’d love to ride! Thank you very much for your help and please share this questionnaire with others that may like to contribute. Find more information about the Arizona Peace Trail on this webpage:

1. How likely are you to ride a trail system in SW Arizona?

2. What experiences would attract you to ride in SW Arizona? (select one or more)

3. Select the trail type you’d most likely ride in SW Arizona?

4. How many people would likely be in your group if you rode in SW Arizona?

5. How long would you likely ride during one trip to SW Arizona?

6. How many miles of trail do you like to ride in one full day?

7. Select the type of lodging you are most likely to use when on a riding trip (select one)

8. What services or facilities are most important to you where you ride? (select one or more)

9. What information is most important to you where you ride? (select one or more)

10. Would you use a smart phone/ tablet trail map and information app if available for the Arizona Peace Trail?

11. In what ZIP code is your home located? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 00544 or 94305)

12. What is your age?

13. What do you ride the most?

14. Which of these do you own? (select one or more)

15. Please share any ideas you have to provide an outstanding trail system in SW Arizona.

16. OPTIONAL: add your email address to the trails master project list (it will be kept confidential):