Welcome to ShelterPoint Training!

Welcome to the custom AzCH-CCP User Training! This training will walk you through the different modules for managing a client in HMIS within the AzCH-CCP workflow. Please note that this training will not review elements previously covered. For an in-depth training on client data entry, please refer to the HMIS Introductory Training as this training is geared toward AzCH-CCP workflow functions only. These include:
  • STEP 1: Entering clients into a AzCH-CCP Coordinated Entry Program
  • STEP 2: Checking Data Quality:
    • The UDE Demographics Report
    • The AzCH-CCP Referral/ BNL Report
  • STEP 3:
    • Accepting a referral ("Housing approval"/ "Housing match")
    • Exiting a client from the open coordinated entry enrollment
    • Entry into housing programs

If you are not already an active HMIS user, after completing this online training your agency administrator will have to submit the appropriate paperwork to have your account created. 

Good luck!