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* 1. For which division are you providing feedback?

* 2. What is the Last Name of the coach you are rating?

* 3. What is the first name of the coach you are rating?

* 4. The coach provided a positive coaching environment which made this a fun learning experience for my child.

* 5. The coach demonstrated knowledge of the game of soccer.

* 6. The coach was able to transfer his or her knowledge of the game to my child.

* 7. The coach ensured that the parents were adequately informed about practice times, games, etc.

* 8. The coach took interest in my child as a player and helped him develop his individual skills.

* 9. What do you consider to be the coach's strengths?

* 10. What do you consider to be the areas where the coach could improve?

* 11. Would you want your child to have this coach again in the future?

* 12. Please provide any additional comments that you believe would be helpful for Board Members of AYSO.