1. Introduction

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The AWRI is developing a new web-based tool for monitoring and analysing grape maturity data. This tool will include the ability to measure tannins, phenolics and colour in grapes during ripening. It will operate in a similar way to the existing AWRI Tannin Portal which provides tannin and colour analysis of wines and ferments.

To ensure that this tool is tailored to industry needs and provides the most relevant services and functionality, we need input from wine producers. In particular, we need information on your current practices of grape analysis and data use as well as any issues or opportunities for improvement that you can identify.

This survey has been designed to gather this information and to inform the development process for the new grape analysis and data management tool. Your information is extremely valuable in maximising the relevance of this tool.

All data gathered in this survey will be kept confidential. If you would like further information about the survey, please contact Neil Scrimgeour (08 8313 6600 or neil.scrimgeour@awri.com.au).

If you choose to provide your contact details, you will be entered into a draw to win a one-year subscription to this tool.

Closing date for entries is 2nd March, 2012.