A Grant Program Funded by the Connecticut Office of the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts

The Connecticut Office of the Arts' (COA) Arts Workforce Initiative has been specifically designed to provide internships for Connecticut college students, emerging professionals and military veterans who are aligned with our READI Framework (Relevance, Equity, Access, Diversity, and Inclusion).  The Connecticut Office of the Arts will select 28 interns (a combination of college, emerging professionals and veterans) who specialize in or wish to grow professionally in the areas of arts administration, arts presenting/curating, media arts, performing arts, visual arts, arts education, and literary arts and match them with an arts organization that is aligned with their professional goals and desired career track. 
To be eligible as an AWI Host Organization, an arts organization must:

- Be able to provide an internship opportunity within the following categories:  arts administration, arts presenting/curating, media arts, performing arts, visual arts, arts education, and literary arts

- Be able to provide a hands-on and engaging internship opportunity

- Be in alignment and display an understanding of COA's READI Framework

- Be able to accommodate an intern or interns from June 4, 2018 through August 17, 2018

- Be committed to ensuring that the intern or interns complete(s) the required 250 hours

The internship is for 25 hours per week for 10 weeks. Selected host organizations will be granted $3,750 per intern and will pay the intern at the rate of $15 per hour. 

Interns will receive payment from the host organization.  The internship must take place from June 4, 2018 through August 17, 2018. 

-General grantee Information

-Narrative explaining the duties and projects that your intern completed

-Intern Work Schedule/Time (This will serve as documentation that the intern completed the required 250 hours)

-Financial Summary

-Supplemental Documentation

Selected interns will be required to submit a monthly report of their internship experience, including their work duties and internship milestones. All interns must have at least one (1)
in-person check-in and at least one (1) monthly phone call with a COA staff member. In addition, interns will be required to attend a COA professional development session during their AWI internship.

* 1. Please select the AWI category from which your organization is most interested.

* 2. Host Organization Contact Information

* 3. Invoice Contact Information

* 4. Which category best suits the internship that you can provide.  Check all that apply.

* 5. How many interns would you be able to accommodate?

* 6. Intern Job Description(s)

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* 7. Please describe how your organization aligns with COA's READI Framework (Relevant, Equity, Access, Diversity, And Inclusion) (500 Word Maximum)

* 8. By checking this box, you are acknowledging that you understand that this is a matching program where COA does all the vetting and interviewing of intern applications. Filling out this application does not guarantee placement of an intern at your organization. Interns will be matched with organizations that best fit the intern’s professional goals and desired experience.