Auchmuty has been chosen as one of only 7 neighbourhoods in Scotland for investment by The Big Lottery Fund over the next 5 years. It recognises that we have a lot of strengths and great things that are already happening in our community but is looking for us to build on those to make this an even better place to live and work.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us and we want to make sure everyone in the community has a chance to have their say and get involved. We are being helped to do this by Community Enterprise Ltd and BRAG.

We have formed a group of local people as 'community connectors' to build momentum behind this project and make sure we have a strong local voice. At this early stage, we want to create 'A Vision for Auchmuty', identifying the things that we care about and want to improve so that we have a clear plan moving forwards. This survey is a chance to give your views on Auchmuty and the kind of community you want it to be.

Please take a few minutes to fill it out. It can be completed online at or paper copies can be completed and returned to The Community Flat, 107 Alexander Road. There are also collection points at Warout Primary School, Auchmuty Learning Centre,Taz's Shop and George's Shop. Alternatively, it can be completed over the phone - please call 01506 862227 and speak to Dave or Victoria.

We are offering a prize draw with the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet or a Kindle Fire. If you would like to be entered in the draw please complete your contact details at question 17.

If you need help or clarification, just get in touch.
More information can be found at or the Our Place Auchmuty facebook page.

Thank you for being involved!