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* 2. Please indicate how often you participate in each of the following activities:

  Almost Never Once in a While Sometimes Frequently Almost Always
I spend time learning through writing (e.g. interactive notebooks, learning logs, quick writes, annotation, etc.) in my classes.
I spend time writing to clarify and organize experiences (e.g. pre-writing, drafting, revising, polishing, editing, and publishing) in my classes.
I use Cornell notes and other focused note-taking strategies in my classes (e.g. write summaries, write study questions, highlight main ideas, circle key terms).
I participate in structures for inquiry such as Socratic Seminars and Philosophical Chairs in my classes.
I use technology as a tool for collaboration (texting, social media, video conferencing, Google docs, forums and blogs) in my classes.
I use structures for collaboration (helping trios, jigsaw, four corners, collaborative group roles) in my classes.
I participate in tutorials and/or collaborative study groups in my classes.
I have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills through collaboration with other students.
I set goals and monitor my grades to ensure that I am college ready.
I use organizational tools (e.g. portfolio graphic organizer, planning calendar, the AVID binder, OneNote) to keep track of coursework and to organize my thinking in my classes.
I take responsibility for my learning by arriving to class prepared with materials, asking questions when confused, and seeking clarity from instructors.
I use the Critical Reading Process (e.g. marking the text, circling key terms, underling author's claims, charting the text) in my classes.
I use writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading strategies in my classes.
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