Are the owners, or managers of your business, members of the same family? Are the owners or managers a married couple, siblings, cousins, or parent and child? If so, your company is considered to be a "Family Business." This survey is part of a current University of Fredericton research study focusing on issues of family business, and takes about five minutes to complete. The questionnaire should be filled out by a family member who is an owner/or manager of the company. The completed survey will enable Fredericton and other universities to better serve their local business communities through various assistance programs, such as mentoring and entrepreneurial services throughout Australia.

Please be assured that your responses will be kept confidential! And if you wouldn't mind forwarding the survey link to other business owners we would appreciate the support. The more responses we recieve the better the research results.

We realize how important your time is, but hope that you can assist in our study of family business. Please take the five minutes now to complete the survey. Although the vast majority of all businesses are family firms, this is an area that has been largely ignored by major University research. We thank you for helping us to rectify this situation. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Blake Escudier PhD.
Executive MBA Marketing Faculty
University of Fredericton
New Brunswick, Canada