1. Introduction

The purpose of this survey is to explore how many staff working within ATW within Grades that TSSA represents are not receiving Fair payments when taking annual leave.

Recent case law has raised the question of whether employers are paying you correctly whilst off on leave and there will be an important legal judgement made at the end of July 2014. Whilst it can be complex to uncover what your legal entitlements are TSSA believes that the question of what you are morally entitled to is an important one to answer the more information that we receive from you the better position we will be in to get the best deal for members.

We will use the information that you provide to direct our strategy on how to persuade ATW to make improvements to your holiday payments so that they represent a fairer representation of your normal earnings.

We believe that if we achieve this it will ensure that you are not dissuaded from taking annual leave through essentially having a pay cut whilst on leave.

We are running this survey within all the grades that TSSA bargains for which are Stations Clerical, HQ Clerical and all Management grades.

If you are not a member of a trade union but work within one of these groups you are welcome to complete this survey but in order to assist you fully we recommend that you join TSSA today online at www.tssa.org.uk/join