Thank you for your interest in collaborating with others on Artists Thrive! Below are a number of options for engagement. If you have additional thoughts or ways you would like to engage, please include them in the comments.

* 1. I’d like to learn more about the goals, community building aspects and leadership opportunities related to Artists Thrive. 

* 2. I’m interested in working with the current Artists Thrive tools.

* 3. I’m interested in exploring complementary Artists Thrive tools (building success matrices to add to the suite of Artists Thrive tools)

* 4. Additional comments, feedback, input, feelings, ideas

* 5. Contact Information

Thank you for your engaging with Artists Thrive!  We hope you will be an ongoing part of a community that collaborates to increase our collective impact in the field and advances improvements to the growing suite of Artists Thrive tools.  We will be in touch shortly to share survey results and suggest next steps.
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