Welcome to the ASTM Standards Survey.

PCI-certified plants are required to have access to current standards. PCI previously offered a printed compilation of ASTM standards to PCI-certified plants at a discounted rate, through an agreement with ASTM. ASTM no longer offers these printed compilations of standards; they only allow access to a group of standards through a subscription to their ASTM Compass online service, which is available on thier website.
To help us gauge interest in an agreement with ASTM for access to provided standards, please take about two minutes to complete this very brief survey. Your input is greatly appreciated.
We are requesting that you provide your name and plant location with this survey. The survey may have been sent to multiple individuals at a plant. Providing your name will help ensure we only count a single response from each plant. As a Thank You for participating, all respondents will be entered into a drawing for a $50.00 Amazon gift card.