1. Survey of Members & Guests - ASTD Alaska Chapter

The ASTD Alaska Survey regarding 2013 services and activities is open!

Chapter success is driven by a variety of factors. We strive to offer consistent benefits to members and guests in the quest for quality in adult learning.

Guests (non-members) are invited along with current Chapter/National members to share their viewpoints, as we believe that providing services that would attract new members can result. What would cause you to join and support the organization?

Please let us know what would serve you best!

Note: According to the ASTD Alaska Chapter Bylaws, the management of the affairs of the chapter shall be vested in the Board of Directors. The Board conducts a survey of the membership each year to determine what services have been beneficial. This action helps evaluate the 'management of the affairs' as provided through the year.

* 1. About You
Are you a 'member in good standing' with current membership (2013 dues paid) in one or both organizations?

National ASTD
Alaska ASTD
Another ASTD Chapter
Guest (non-member) in 2013

* 2. ASTD Events in 2013
How many ASTD Alaska events (meetings, book talks, seminars) did you participate in during 2013? (Through November's meeting)

* 3. General Evaluation Pt 1
What ideas, feedback, advice, encouragement would you like to offer to the outgoing Board?

* 4. General Evaluation Pt 2
What ideas, feedback, advice, encouragement would you like to offer to the INCOMING Board?

* 5. Communications

The chapter uses many tools to reach members and the public. Of the following which would you use? Include ones you already read or follow, plus others you would be willing to try in 2014.

  Monthly Now and then Not often Never
ASTD Alaska website
ASTD Alaska Twitter
ASTD Alaska on Facebook
ASTD Alaska on LinkedIn
ASTD Alaska Blog
ASTD (International) website
Anchorage Daily News calendar items
Craigslist (ASTD Alaska meeting announcements)http://anchorage.craigslist.org/ccc/
MeetUps.com (ASTD Alaska meeting announcements) on http://www.meetup.com/ASTD-Alaska/
Email announcements sent by the Program Chair
Live announcements at the meetings
Datebook49 (APR site)
Mat-Su Frontiersman
Anchorage Press
Chugiak-Eagle River Star
Townsquare 49
Channel 5 Community event

* 6. Activities for 2014
Tell us what you want ASTD Alaska to offer. Additionally, in the box, add new ideas/activities that would benefit you.

* 7. Indepth Training in Alaska  - CPLP
The Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) training and credentialing process provides a way for workplace learning and performance professionals to demonstrate value to employers and to enhance confidence about knowledge of the field. ASTD Alaska Chapter is evaluating a proposal to a 12 - 16 month study group (using ASTD's Study Kit). This series helps prepare one for CPLP certification.

Need to know more? Check http://www.astd.org/content/ASTDcertification/ to understand what CPLP is and how it could be of benefit in Alaska. Note: you will have to have completed at least 3 years of experience in workforce development to qualify for the exam. The 3 year minimum is measured at the time of the exam, not at the time you would begin study group activities.

Would you be interested? Please answer the following:

  Very high High Not high, not low Low Very low
Interest in achieving ASTD's CPLP
Commitment to participate monthly in CPLP Study Group presentations
Commitment to sit for the CPLP exam within 16 months of starting the study activities

* 8. Indepth Training in Alaska  - The Total Trainer Program (TTP)
The Total Trainer Program is an indepth training that would take place annually. It would be a full day of presentation, discussion and interactive exercised to aid new trainers and refresh experienced trainers who want to know what's new. (Note - the next question will tell you about the topics in the series.) Note that in 2013, we offered a full day training on Training Needs Analysis and are considering Training Design in 2014.

Would you be interested? Please answer the following:

  Very high High Not high, not low Low Very low
Interest in taking the entire Total Trainer Program (TTP)
Interest in taking some of the TTP (see the next question)
Interest in leading TTP sessions, using ASTD study materials

* 9. Total Trainer Program (TTP) : The Topics
Which of the following would you most likely attend, should TTP be offered this year?

* 10. The Total Trainer Program (TTP) - Value
What would be a reasonable fee for enrollment in this series?

* 11. Other Observations
Any comments, criticisms, concepts that would make ASTD Alaska more valuable to you?

* 12. Volunteering
Would you be willing to help with one meeting, one presentation, or one project? If you would be interested, please provide contact information. (NOTE: you can say 'yes' here, not enter your contact information, and thus remain anonymous. But please - email consultation@transitionmanagement.us or mrydesky@yahoo.com about your interest and name!