Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan Consultation on Assisted Reproduction & Parentage

The Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan was established by An Act to Establish a Law Reform Commission, proclaimed in force in November 1973, and began functioning in February 1974. The Commission’s purpose is to review the law in Saskatchewan with a view to its systematic modernization and simplification. The Commission’s recommendations are independent and are submitted to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Saskatchewan for consideration.

The Commission is currently considering whether Saskatchewan's laws or determining the parentage of children need to be reformed to specifically address the rising use of assisted reproduction. The Commission has published a consultation paper on this topic (available on its website:, and is seeking responses to the questions posed in the paper.

This survey provides an alternative means of responding to the questions and contains summaries of the material presented in the paper. Reviewing the consultation paper prior to completing this survey is encouraged. The consultation period closes on May 31, 2018.

Once the consultation period is completed, the Commission will review the responses received and formulate its final recommendations. Survey responses will be anonymous and may be included in the Commission's final report.