Application Process

All applications must be complete in order to be considered for the ASPH's Student Diversity Fellows Program. Applications are due no later than midnight on Monday September 19, 2022. Student Diversity Fellows will be notified of acceptance no later than Wednesday September 28, 2022. Awarded Student Diversity Fellows will receive a $1000 fellowship for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year (2 doctoral level students, 2 masters level students and 2 undergraduate level students).
Student Diversity Fellows Will:
  • Serve as a liaison between the ASPH’s Office of DEI, the departments within the college, and ASPH’s student body.
  • Serve as leaders for our ASPH’s Student DEI Committee
  • Develop opportunities for student engagement in activities around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • Foster an inclusive environment and a commitment to social justice, equity, and respect for the communities that we serve.
  • Collaborate with the ASPH’s Office of DEI to provide school wide programming that acknowledges lived experiences of marginalized and minoritized student populations, identifies systemic barriers to public health, and provides knowledge on possible solutions.
  • Lead and/or participate in recruitment, onboarding, retention, and advancement activities at the department level (and support ASPH wide efforts as needed)
  • Assist with faculty search committees and interviews to help achieve a diverse ASPH Workforce (as needed)
  1. Be willing and able to serve and represent ASPH for 1 to 2 terms (Fall of 2022 – Spring 2023 or Fall of 2022-Spring of 2024)
  2. Be able to attend scheduled mandatory training sessions, regularly scheduled meetings, and ASPH events (e.g., new student orientation, student recruitment, etc.)
  3. Exhibit academic excellence, strong communication skills, and leadership and interpersonal skills
To best prepare your application, be prepared to answer the following questions: 
  1. Provide basic demographic questions.
  2. Provide your most up-to-date resume/CV
  3. Briefly describe your career and/or future goals?
  4. Describe your involvement/experiences that would make you a great Student Diversity Fellow.
  5. Why do you desire to be a Student Diversity Fellow?
Please contact Dr. Toni Torres-McGehee (Associate Dean for DEI) if you have any questions: