Let's be honest, every one of us has questions about the Bible. Some of those questions surround particular controversial topics that have become contentious debates in today's society. Maybe some questions are about what the Bible DOESN'T address clearly. And then there are those of us who have a "friend" who has a question to ask. Well, good news, this is a teaching series made for just those questions. And guess what, we're going to answer them. You have the opportunity to help us select the topics for our 4 week teaching series "Asking For A Friend..", by filling out this poll and then showing up for one of our Sunday gatherings in September. 

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* 3. How long have you been attending Ac*?

* 4. Are you currently in a Life Group at Ac*?

* 5. Do you serve on the Element Team?

* 6. Which topics would you be most interested in hearing preached during our September Teaching Series "Asking for a friend.."? (Pick 3 topics)