The ASE is conducting a yearly survey into wages and conditions of screen editors working in Australia.
Welcome to the 2011 Survey.

This is a completely anonymous survey. Results will be available on our new website soon.

The survey should take less than two minutes to complete.

The results will also help us work on wages and conditions events and information for members.

We are interested in hearing about *every* job you have done in 2011.

If you are freelance and have worked on a few different jobs please fill in a survey per job. If you are a permanent employee then you will just need to fill in the survey once.

Again - we ask you to do *one survey per job* you have done in 2011.

Thank you very much for your time. We look forward to sharing the results with the Editing Community. We plan to do this survey every year so we can get an idea on how wages are shifting over time.

ASE Committee