* 1. What is the hardware size recommend to deploy Azure security center.

* 2. What is the key role of security policies  in Azure security center

* 3. You customer wants to find out number of Disks that are unencrypted for
a security audit.  You are the lead CSA at your customer site.  What will be
your approach to address this question.

* 4. You deployed the Azure security center agent and customer wants to know
how long it will take for the agents to collect the information about VMs and
computer's configuration. What will be your response.

* 5. Does Azure security center provide any option to export the security alerts  
to 3rd party SIEM (Security and Information Event management solution)

* 6. You are the lead cloud solution architect and your customer is a  largest finserv company. They are not comfortable to have Jump boxes in the cloud with
non-stop access. But for critical updates , that happen between 11 PM - 1 AM
in the night. The system admin will require access. How will you go about this challenge and provide a security solution to your customer.

* 7. Is it possible to create custom alert rules in Azure Security Center for any type of threat or suspicious activity.

* 8. Your customer has dedicated security  team members that will be accessing
security center to  assesses the configuration of the resources to identify
security issues and vulnerabilities. Your customer wants to split the roles accordingly. How will you advise your customer.

* 9. Is it possible to verify if Transparent Data Encryption in your SQL Azure DB
through  Azure Security Center

* 10. You customer wants to use Trend Micro  for  their Endpoint Protection. What will be your response to your customer.

* 11. Can you identify what the query will display do when you execute it