Welcome to the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region's  (ASDR's) client satisfaction survey!

 As someone who has used the services/program of the Alzheimer Society Durham Region (ASDR), we value your input on the quality and types of services and programs we offer.  Your feedback allows us to plan for the future and improve upon the way we provide support to people living with dementia, their care partner and family members.  The following questions ask about your experiences in using our programs and services.  We want to know what works for you or if there is something more we can do to meet your needs. The questions should take no more than 10 minutes of your time to complete.  All answers will be kept confidential and combined into group form to remain anonymous. Your name, should you chose to disclose it, will not be used in any report. 

To thank those who are participating in this survey we will be rewarding 3 draw prizes to some lucky winners!  You will have the opportunity to participate in the draw by providing your name and contact information at the end of the survey.  Your personal information will be kept separate from your completed survey.