The Goal of This Survey:

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important. The ASCLD Board is sending this survey to every CODIS DNA lab in the country to find out how many sexual assault kits are currently in labs and what the current turnaround time is to complete analysis and issue a report. Our intent is to do a nation-wide survey so that there can be a clear distinction between the kits at the labs awaiting analysis and the number sitting on LE shelves awaiting submission. We know that as the law enforcement number is further understood, it will have a huge effect on labs. We need to know the current status so we can be prepared to deal with a continued deluge of kits. The need for this information originates from recent US Senate hearings asking for laboratory data. We are working with several government entities and Project FORESIGHT to ensure that the survey is a good one, that it leads to useful data, and that it can be published to help our cause.

The intent of this survey is to educate policy makers, governmental entities, and the public. We also recognize that some agencies may have concern with providing their data without knowing how that data may be used. ASCLD will not release data without the permission of your agency to do so. However, we ask that you allow us to share this data as openly as possible. We will respect your wishes as indicated below.

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* 1. Please let us know how we may share your data. For example, you may choose to allow us to count and report your data in an anonymous format when calculating and reporting the aggregate number of "previously unsubmitted" kits awaiting analysis across the country.  Or, you could additionally allow us to report your numbers with other labs in your state for overall statewide or regional count. Or you may choose to allow us to reference your particular laboratory. Please select all options that apply.

  In Aggregate Identify My State With Lab Name
I approve our data being released to federal government entities (i.e.GAO, DOJ, NIJ, NIST):
I approve our data being released in ASCLD government or public/press statements:
I approve our data being released to researchers by ASCLD: 
I approve our data being used by only the ASCLD organization for internal policy/position making:

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* 2. Laboratory information and a contact if we have questions

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* 3. If you are a Lab System, are you providing data for your entire system or is each lab individually reporting?