Help us find ways in which ASCE OC can better meet your needs. We greatly appreciate your feedback!

* 1. How likely would you be to attend ASCE OC Branch Luncheons at the following venues? Please rank the following options.

* 2. What new topics will be of interest to you?

* 3. What day of the week would you most likely attend a Branch luncheon, meeting or event?

* 4. What benefit of attending Branch luncheons do you value the most?

* 5. What kind of events would you like Branch to pursue to encourage you to participate? Please rank the following options.

* 6. What technical tours would you be most interested in (select up to 3)?

* 7. Are you interested and willing to help organize any of the following? If so, please provide your name and email address next to the item(s) below.

* 8. What other professional organizations do you participate in?

* 9. Would you be interested in having the K-12 Outreach Committee present at your child's school? If so, please provide your contact information below.

* 10. Any additional comments? What are your favorite type of ASCE events?