Thank you for participating in the 2017 Advertising Spend Survey.
We know this will be another job to add to the list, but we appreciate you taking the time to help contribute to demonstrating the advertising spend of magazine media:

What we need to collect
·        Total Magazine advertising spend within New Zealand
·        The % of magazine advertising spend from digital
·        The approximate split between agency vs direct client

How  we define Advertising Spend
It is the total of all combined advertising and commercial (non-circulation) revenue across all publications/platforms and includes:
·        All revenue generated across all publications/platforms including print, digital, social, experiential & other.
·        All advertiser funded activities including content marketing
·        Agency Commissions; and
All revenue figures are exclusive of GST.

Complete the Survey to Win!
Complete this survey by Friday 23rd March and you'll go in the draw to win a $250.00 Prezzy Card

* 1. Company name.

* 2. Name of person authorised to provide data.

* 3. Job title of person authorised to provide data.

* 4. What is your combined annual advertising turnover (rounded to nearest $100,000)?
    (Refer to above definition)

Please enter as a numerical dollar value e.g. $700,000

* 5. Could you approximate your 2017 Advertising Spend by advertising channel e.g. agency versus direct with client.

* 6. Please could you breakout the 2017 digital turnover from your total advertising turnover eg, website, e-newsletters, social and other digital platforms
We understand the challenges in splitting out the digital component of turnover, so we would ask you to provide your best estimate based on your knowledge of your magazine brand/s.

Please enter as a numerical dollar value e.g. $72,000

* 7. Did your 2017 advertising turnover increase/decrease from 2016? By what percent?

Thank you for your help in providing the most accurate Magazine Media Advertising turnover figures possible. The full ASA Advertising Turnover Report will be made public within the first quarter of 2018.
Any questions about this survey please contact the Magazine Publishers Association at or phone Pip Elliott on  021 444 506.

Kind Regards
Pip Elliott
Executive Director
The Magazine Publishers Association