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The City of Charlotte is creating a comprehensive arts and culture plan and we need your input!
Arts and culture benefit our community in many ways, such as bridging social and cultural barriers, providing growth and development opportunities, and creating a sense of community. The Charlotte Arts and Culture Plan will identify challenges and opportunities for arts and culture in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, and ways to address them, through policies, funding, and resources. Community input is vital to this process.
The purpose of this survey is to understand Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents’ attitudes towards cultural activities and how they value culture in their lives: How do you participate as audience members, donors, volunteers, and participants? What is your level of access to cultural activities currently? What are your hopes for the future of arts and culture in your community?
This survey is one way to add your voice to the chorus helping to develop a sustainable plan that makes the most of our strengths and identifies and develops new opportunities.
Please allow for 10-15 minutes to complete the survey! Thank you

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* 1. What is your zip code and neighborhood? 

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* 2. How long have you lived in Charlotte-Mecklenburg?

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* 3. If not a lifelong resident, where did you live before Charlotte-Mecklenburg?

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