ARISE Member Interest Survey

Please answer these questions to the best of your ability. These answers are anonymous and are used for structuring our new advocacy group. We thank you in advance for your participation!

* 1. What is your understanding of the purpose of ARISE?

* 2. Have you participated in an ARISE Training?

* 3. What day of the week works best to meet on a regular basis?

* 4. What time of the day would work best for you to be able to attend this meeting?

* 5. How did you hear about MHASF's ARISE Advocacy Group?

* 6. What would you like to get out of participating with this group?

* 7. Are you affiliated with any other sort of advocacy group? If so, what is the group and do you think a partnership with ARISE would be beneficial?

* 8. If you have any additional feedback, please provide a response below.

* 9. Do you have any other suggestions for the future or longevity of the group?