Application Overview

Fill out this form to apply to intern at the Ayn Rand Institute. This form must be completed in one sitting; there is no option to save it and return later.

We recommend preparing your personal statement and essay response before beginning this form, as you will need to upload them before you can submit it. The application form itself takes about 20 minutes to complete, not counting time spent writing the personal statement and essay.

Personal Statement
Why would you like to intern at the Ayn Rand Institute? Include a discussion of your interest in Objectivism and how the internship would advance your career goals. (400-word maximum)

Essay Response
In her lecture “Philosophy: Who Needs It,” Ayn Rand argues that philosophy is an inescapable need of man. Explain her view, contrasting it with the common cultural refrain “philosophy is impractical.” "Philosophy: Who Needs It" is available on ARI Campus as an essay and as a free course. It is also published in Ayn Rand's book, Philosophy: Who Needs It(400-word maximum)

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