Student Affairs and the Advisement and Retention Center 

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College values your opinion and feedback as a student. The survey begins with your feedback as it relates to Student Affairs and Financial Aid and continues to your visit to the  ARC. The ARC was created to  provide services, resources and to help foster student success at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. We ask that you take a few minutes to help us provide the best services possible.  

* 2. Please select the student status that best fits you. 

* 3. The application process for admission was simple and easy to follow.

* 4. I applied – 

* 5. The admission staff was helpful and made the application process easy to understand.

* 6. I was made aware of any additional steps/items needed to be admitted soon after submitting my application for admission.

* 7. I applied for financial aid. If yes - please answer question 8. If no skip to question 9.

* 8. The financial aid staff was helpful and provided guidance on completing my application for financial aid or seeking other sources of assistance with my tuition and fees.

* 9. I was made aware of when tuition and fees were due.

* 10. Please provide any comments that you have concerning the Admissions or the Financial Aid services.

* 11. The Advisement and Retention Center (ARC) served you in a timely and efficient manner.

* 12. The ARC staff was knowledgeable concerning my program of study.

* 13. The ARC staff was friendly and made me feel comfortable during my visit.

* 14. Advisement and class registration was easy to complete. 

* 15. Class offerings and schedules were explained prior to registration.

* 16. The ARC staff explained and demonstrated the use of Navigate and Banweb as it relates to registration and accessing other student information.

* 17. The ARC staff advised me and/or helped register for new student orientation.

* 18. Before leaving the center, I was registered for classes and given a detailed schedule of my classes.

* 19. I was made aware that the ARC would be my resource to help me with any issues that I may encounter during my semester.  

* 20. I would rate my overall experience with the Advisement and Retention Center as 

* 21. Please provide any comments that you have concerning the Advisement and Retention Center.

* 22. Are you satisfied with the courses being offered this semester? This may include program offerings, days of the week, times of day, and format (face-to-face or online).

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