The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) assesses how trainees are performing through training. However, trainees have expressed dissatisfaction with the process (1). There are currently plans to change the ARCP process (2).  ASiT seeks to take this opportunity to seek your input on the ARCP process to identify how it can be improved for surgical trainees.

This survey is for surgical trainees from all specialties in the UK and Ireland, including those in academic posts. Your participation is greatly appreciated to ensure accurate, broad representation which can be used as feedback and to inform improvement going forward.

It should take approximately five minutes to complete. Please answer questions with your most recent ARCP experience in mind. It is anonymous and you will not be identifiable from the survey results so please answer as open and honestly as you can. Demographic data relating to your specialty and region helps us identify where particular problems lie and facilitate changes to address these. However, to protect confidentiality, we will not report any data relating to fewer than 5 responses. 


By completing the survey, you consent to ASiT using this data to represent trainees at meetings and to publishing the pooled results. No trainee will be identifiable in any subsequent publication. 



1.            Viney R, Rich A, Needleman S, Griffin A, Woolf K. The validity of the Annual Review of Competence Progression: a qualitative interview study of the perceptions of junior doctors and their trainers. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (2017) (In press). 2017.

2.            Rimmer A. Health Education England asks doctors for input on ARCPs. BMJ. 2017;358.

* 1. What specialty are you?

* 2. What grade are you?

* 3. What Deanery are you in 

* 4. Are you a Less Than Full Time trainee?

* 5. Are you a in an Academic-Clinical training post (e.g. Academic Foundation Programme, Academic Clinical Fellowship, Academic Clinical Lectureship only)?

* 6. Did you have a face-to-face ARCP in the year 2016/17?