1. How Important is the Association's Legislation Advocacy Program to You?

Please take a few minutes to help us gauge the importance of our legislative advocacy program to our members.

* 1. Are you aware the Association has a legislative advocacy program?

* 2. Is it a valuable member benefit to you for the Association to have a legislative advocacy program?

* 3. What percentage of the Association’s budget do you feel should be spent on legislative efforts?

* 4. How much staff time in addition to the contract lobbyist do you feel should be dedicated to the legislative advocacy program?

* 5. Do you feel well informed about the Association’s legislative activities during the legislative session?

* 6. Please check the items that you utilize for information about the Association’s legislative activities:

* 7. Do you feel the current legislation timetable gives adequate time for the submission of bills to be considered for the Association’s legislative package?