Thank you for attending ARABAL 2017. Your participation has made this event a great success.

Please take a moment to evaluate this conference, in order to enhance your attendance in future years.

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* 2. Have you attended previous ARABAL events?

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* 4. Have you visited Oman previously?

* 5. What were your objectives for attending ARABAL conference?

* 6. How did you come to know about ARABAL?

* 7. Please evaluate from 1 – 5 your experience in the following (with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest);

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Expertise of Speakers
New information provided
Overall flow of conference agenda
Effective response to questions
Audience participation
Overall rating for presentations and discussion points
Event location/venue and facilities
Event organisation

* 8. Were your objectives met by attending the conference?

* 9. Which topics or points of discussion did you find most interesting or useful?

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