Grant Beneficiary Application - ACA Adaptive Paddling Workshops 

ACA: Canoe - Kayak - SUP - Raft - Rescue (ACA), Adaptive Expeditions, and the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation invite you to apply to be a beneficiary of Adaptive Expeditions' 2018 Craig H. Neilsen Grant.  Five organizations actively engaged with the ACA will be selected as project beneficiaries. One ACA Adaptive Paddling Workshop (APWs) will be scheduled for each beneficiary organization. Each 3-day APW will focus on one paddlecraft type never before outfitted to optimize comfort, safety, inclusion, performance, and independence for individuals with disabilities resulting from Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). One APW will be delivered for each of the following paddlesports disciplines: rafting, surf ski, sit-on-top fishing kayaks, stand up paddleboard (SUP surfing, SUP touring, or fishing SUP), and wave ski (associating ACA adaptive paddling and ISA adaptive surfing).
The grant will cover costs of running each APW, but the five selected organizations will need to provide APW Host responsibilities, which includes locating appropriate facilities as well as recruitment and enrollment of 10 ACA Instructor Endorsement Candidates and 5 paddlesport students with disabilities resulting from SCI.  Other APW hosting information can be found HERE.
Successful clubs will demonstrate that they regularly work with at least 4 individuals with disabilities resulting from SCI who either are paddlers or may want to become paddlers. 
It is not a requirement, but please let us know if your club would be willing to host and cover expenses for an ACA Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW) in the related discipline to be held immediately prior to the grant funded APW.  The two courses can be marketed together and the intent is for the same instructor candidates to take both courses back to back (or one day apart)
Please apply for only the one paddlesport discipline for which your organization is best suited.

To apply, please submit answers to the questions below before January 31, 2018. 

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Please list your relevant ACA Certifications:

Organization's Name:

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For which one paddlesport discipline are you applying? 

How many people within your organization hold ACA Instructor Certifications most closely related to the discipline for which you are applying?   (Wave-ski is a part of the ACA Surf Kayak Discipline.  For fishing sit-on-top, please include Instructors at Level 2 or above within any of the kayak disciplines or that have the River Kayak Fishing Endorsement.  For SUP surfing, please include any SUP instructors at or above Level 2.)

How many people within your organization hold the ACA Adaptive Paddling Instructor Endorsement?

Would your organization be willing to hold an Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW) in the relevant discipline (scheduled to end within one day prior to the grant funded APW)?  The ICW expenses (average cost of $2,500-$3,500) will not be covered by the grant.

How many ACA Instructors within your organization are ready and willing to be candidates for the ACA Adaptive Paddling Endorsement?

Please upload a maximum 2-page explanation about why your organization is best suited to fulfill the purpose of this grant project regarding the one discipline you have selected.  Please include facility availability and other local resources available to enhance fulfillment of the purpose of this project.  Please use no smaller than 12 point font and 1" margins.  PDF format only. 

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Only after securing permission from each individual, please upload a roster of at least three paddlers with SCI from your organization that are likely to participate in the APW.  Please include name, email, and phone number. 

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