The Association for Play Therapy (APT) acknowledges outstanding organizational service to APT, its Foundation for Play Therapy, and/or its Chartered Branches that significantly develops, promotes, or advances the value of play, play therapy, and credentialed play therapists.

The Service Award is presented to a nominee who:
  1. Is an APT Professional member in good standing.
  2. Abided by the code of ethics, standards of practice, and all other legal standards or requirements promulgated by those authorities from which Nominee has been granted a license.
  3. Rendered outstanding voluntary service to APT, its Foundation for Play Therapy, and/or its Chartered Branches for which s/he received no financial or in-kind compensation during the most recent 36-month, January – December period (see assigned point values on Nomination Form).
  4. Is nominated by three or more APT Professional members in good standing.
  5. May not be awarded to any individual more than once.
The award recipient is honored during the next Annual Conference and is granted:

  1. One complementary 12-month APT Professional membership.
  2. Complementary registration to the APT Leadership Academy.
  3. Complementary registration to the APT Annual Conference.
Selection Process
  1. Nominator and at least two additional Endorsers, all of whom must be APT Professional members in good standing and have personal knowledge of the service of the Nominee, must include their contact information and be prepared to resolve any discrepancies. Nominator is required to attest on behalf of themselves as well as any identified endorsers by dating the attestation below. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  2. Nominator must post all of the Nominee’s service for which points are requested on the Nominations Form. APT will assign points for Service. Nominator must submit completed Nomination Form to APT by March 15.
  3. If Nominee is selected, Nominee and Nominator will be advised by April 19. If not selected, only Nominator will be advised.
  4. Although an annual award, it is presented to only one individual a year, but is not presented if not merited.
Previous Recipients
2005 Janine Shelby; 2006 Lawrence Rubin; 2007 Sandra Frick-Helm; 2008 Anne Stewart; 2009 Heather Helm; 2011 Stephen Demanchick; 2012 Franc Hudspeth; 2013 Mary Ruth Cross; 2014 Tami Langen; 2015 Franc Hudspeth; 2016 Sueann Kenney-Noziska; 2017 Robert Jason Grant; 2018 Angela Cavett; 2019 Mary Anne Peabody; 2020 Gabe Lomas & Tara Moser
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