The Association for Play Therapy (APT) acknowledges outstanding published research that significantly develops, promotes, or advances the value of play, play therapy, and credentialed play therapists.

The Play Therapy Research Award is presented to a Researcher or Research Team:
  1. Who are APT Professional member in good standing.
  2. Abided by the code of ethics, standards of practice, and all other legal standards or requirements promulgated by those authorities from which Researcher has been granted a license.
  3. Authored or edited research in peer-reviewed publications in , or authored significant research contributions to the fild of play therapy that (see point values assigned on Evaluation Form):
    • Is original
    • Is deemed to potentially offer high impact towards advancing the field of play therapy
    • Is not a student thesis or dissertation
    • Pertains to theories, models, techniques, and other aspects of play therapy that significantly elevates and advances its credibility, effectiveness, and acceptance
    • Was published within the most recent 12-month period concluding December 31
  1. The award recipient or team will be honored during the next Annual Conference and is granted:
    • One complementary 12-month APT Professional membership for each researcher (max of 3).
    • Complementary registration to the APT Annual Conference for each researcher (max of 3).
  2. Submissions are automatically submitted to the Editorial Board to be evaluated for possible publication in the International Journal of Play Therapy® (Journal) published by APT.
Selection Process
  1. Applications/Researchers satisfying the above criteria and below specifications must be received via mail or email by APT not later than March 15:
    • One completed application from including all information requested about authored or edited published research submitted in consideration of this award.
    • Vita of all authors listed on research.
    • A copy of the research (or, if online or a book, the research citation) to APT by March 15.
  2. Be prepared to resolve any discrepancies. 
  3. If selected, Researcher will be advised by April 15. If not selected, only Nominator will be advised.
  4. Although an annual award, it may be presented to more than one individual a year, but is not presented if not merited.
Previous Recipients
2007 Garry Landreth, Sue Bratton; 2008 Dee Ray; 2012 April Schottelkorb