* 1. What is your circulation category/Website category?

* 2. Do you willingly participate in the website contest?

* 3. If not, what could we do differently to make it more rewarding?

* 4. Do you have a separate app and/or mobile site?

* 5. Do you think separate apps should be judged along with websites, or should have their own categories?

* 6. Should news organizations be required to submit a cover letter that includes a mission statement of their own organization, so that judges can then weigh the site and content against the mission of the outlet?

* 7. Currently, we place 1/4 of the website judging score on the “Display.” Should we dial that back, given many organizations’ lack of control over what the product looks like?

* 8. Currently, we place 10 percent of the website judging score on “Mobile Presence.” Given the market studies that highlight the importance of mobile traffic, should more weight be given to mobile presence?

* 9. Did you submit a long video to last year’s digital contest? (Over 2 minutes) How long was it?

* 10. Did you submit a short video to last year’s digital contest? (Under 2 minutes) How long was it?

* 11. Would you support a change in video lengths? If yes, what?

* 12. Did you enter the multimedia category in last year’s digital contest?

* 13. If no, did your staff produce a multimedia presentation that would have been eligible, but was not entered?

* 14. Is there anything missing from the Digital Contest we have not already discussed that you would want to see included?

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