AP High School 2016

Fine Arts

* 1. The campus offers engaging opportunities for my child to participate in fine arts (e.g., art, music education, band, choir, and/or theatre).

* 2. Parents and community members are welcomed to a wide variety of fine arts performances and events that showcase the students' talents.

Wellness and Physical Education

* 3. The campus offers a variety of opportunities for my child to be involved in wellness and physical education activities which may include, but are not limited to, athletic events and competitions.

* 4. Wellness and fitness activities are provided to parents and community members to
encourage healthy lifestyle choices and uses FitnessGram results to communicate my child's physical education progress.

Community and Parent Involvement

* 5. Parents and community members have opportunities to volunteer in schools to support
students and staff in a variety of capacities.

* 6. Opportunities allow parents and/or community members to participate in making
decisions for children's education (e.g. Site-Based Teams, PTO/PTA, Councils, Booster
Clubs, or Advisory Groups).

* 7. Parents and community members feel welcome when entering the school

21st Century Workforce Development

* 8. Through classes and other campus activities, my child is learning about options for
college and careers.

* 9. Parents and community members are provided information on helping students
acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be successful after high school.

* 10. This campus provides students with opportunities to develop skills in the areas of
collaboration, communication, and critical and creative thinking.

Second Language Acquisition

* 11. English Language Learners (ELLs) are provided the experiences and instruction they
need to communicate and learn in English.

* 12. Multiple foreign language courses are offered to students.

* 13. The campus/district offers classes to help parents/community members improve
English skills.

Digital Learning Environment

* 14. Students have opportunities to utilize a variety of age appropriate technology tools
and applications to acquire knowledge and demonstrate new learning.

* 15. The campus/district provides a website that gives parents and community members
valuable information and provides an avenue for parent communication to and from the

Dropout Prevention Strategies

* 16. My child believes that, overall, the teachers and staff on this campus care about
students and want them to succeed.

* 17. This campus places great emphasis on providing students with appropriate instruction
and intervention to ensure mastery of grade level academic skills.

* 18. Parent and community members are involved in activities which help students meet
expectations for the grade level with the ultimate goal of graduating high school.

Gifted and Talented Program

* 19. Students identified for Gifted and Talented (GT) services are provided a wide variety of academic opportunities which may include in-class instruction, mentorships, field trips, or research opportunities, etc.

* 20. GT students are offered a means to showcase their talents to other students, to
parents/community, or through competitions.

* 21. Parents are informed of gifted and talented procedures and the academic offerings of
the GT program.