Join the Conversation! 

We all have experiences managing our health.

 Whether these are positive or could be better, the Adelaide PHN wants to hear from you so we can improve the community’s experience of primary health care services.

Within the Adelaide PHN Membership Model, we have 3 Community Advisory Councils (CACs), comprised of community members who collaborate with us to identify regional primary health care priorities with the aim of creating improved, innovative models of health care.

Our CACs bring expertise by experience, providing real-life insight, ensuring that our decisions are patient-centred, locally relevant and aligned to local care experiences and expectations. They allow community members to actively participate in the decision making process. CACs represent the broad range of factors that shape health care accessibility and usability in the northern, central, and southern regions of Adelaide.  

Typical work for CAC members include attending workshops, meetings, forums, doing surveys and chatting on the phone or email with Adelaide PHN staff. There is also an opportunity to collaborate on our membership only online platform called Confluence. 

We are currently recruiting for new CAC members to join our community advisory councils and invite community members to apply below. 

Applications will be open until 5.00pm Friday June 29 . After this time, you will be contacted to follow up with the next steps. 

If you have any questions or are having an issue with the application form, please contact Anna DiSalvatore or Fiona Hill at the Adelaide PHN on or or 8219 5900

* 1. Your Contact Details

* 2. Which CAC would you like to apply for?

* 3. Please tell us about your experiences with the primary health care system.

(for example, type of care you received from your GP; services or supports that made a difference to managing your health)

* 4. What do you think are the challenges for the community to access primary health services?

(for example, barriers experienced by the community)

* 5. What do you think are ways to improve the primary health care experience for the community?

(what are some solutions)


* 6. What has motivated you to join a CAC?

(what would you like to achieve)

* 7. What previous experience (if any) have you had in health consumer representative work? Do you belong to, or lead, any consumer or community networks?

(this is desirable, however not essential)

* 8. Community Interest Register(CIR): 

Our CIR consists of community members who wish to be alerted when the Adelaide PHN is consulting on specific topics.

The register provides members with an opportunity to contribute their own experiences and ideas by participating in surveys, forums, workshops or provision of feedback on specific work. While CAC members are required to attend regular meetings, activities offered to the CIR are optional and of a casual nature. People who are listed on the CIR are not members of Adelaide PHN. 

The register is open to anyone who is passionate about the following areas - please tick the box if you would like to register your interest.  


* 9. Do you have any suggestions for other interest areas that may not be listed above? 

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this application form. 

You will be contacted shortly by an Adelaide PHN Collaborations Officer to confirm receipt of this application and the next steps.