The Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute, Inc. (PERI), a 501c3 Non-profit entity, was originally founded in 1989 by the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) to provide education on working in the regulated environment for employees of its member companies and others in the sector. After 1996, PERI became an independent entity and continues its high quality accredited education programs for medical and scientific professionals in both PhRMA-related companies as well as regulatory agencies. PERI is exploring a partnership with the Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research (APCR) to bring these programs directly to APCR members.

In order to offer the most current, relevant, and valuable education, PERI is looking for your input in this brief survey on your background, your learning style and preferred program topics. With your assistance, PERI can ensure that these courses offer needed and timely quality learning experiences.

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For our first question:

What are your primary professional activities relating to biopharmaceutical development? 
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* 1. If you work in or directly consult within the Biopharmaceutical industry, check all that apply:

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* 2. If you work in a clinical research site, please check all activities in your area of responsibility:

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