The Hosted Buyer Programme is a free ticket available only to Professional Buyer Profiles. Buyer profiles are directly in charge of the buying decisions for the company vehicles, light commercial vehicles, fuel, insurance, data, software and all connected services. Typical functions are Fleet Managers, Corporate Mobility Managers, Category Managers, Purchase or Procurement managers, Data security managers, HR managers, facility managers.

To validate your Hosted Buyer Programme Ticket, you will have to complete the following questionnaire that will help us to validate your profile.

This ticket will give you access to the entire Global Fleet Summit APAC.

Should your profile not match with the Hosted Buyer Programme, please, register with a regular ticket here.

Also note that if you register to the hosted buyer programme and you do not have a buyer profile, we will cancel your free ticket. If you are a consultant and/or if your work consists of selling solutions to other party, you are NOT a buyer.

If you have any question, please contact us: