Welcome to Shared Services and Outsourcing Network's 2018 Survey

Our 2018 State of the Shared Services Industry Survey comes at a timely juncture for business services leaders like you. Robotic processing is fast making transactional resourcing redundant, data has emerged as the 'gold' you've been sitting on for years and were not aware of, and the insights you are gaining make you more valuable to the business, in a very strategic sense. You might not be there yet, granted – but this is where it is going, eventually.

Thanks to people like YOU, SSON publishes the most respected and most frequently-referenced Shared Services and Outsourcing industry report, year after year.

To do this, we rely on Shared Services practitioners like you to tell us what you are doing, how your strategies are playing out, and where you are facing challenges. (Note: this survey is for in-house SSO practitioners only – not solution or BPO providers.)

So here is to another year of collaboration. Thank you.

Barbara Hodge, Global Editor, Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON)
Providing Industry Insights since 1999