Queensland agricultural production has been identified as a key end market for products manufactured from recycled organic materials. These products could be derived from recycled household and commercial Food Organics (FO), Garden Organics (GO), or a combination of Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO).

Previous studies have identified the strong economic, employment and environment benefits of recycling organic waste and turning it into materials for value add to the Queensland economy and community.

To this end, AORA Queensland has received special funding (through the Queensland Organics Strategy 2022-2032) to establish agricultural market specifications and demand for Queensland organic composts and materials.  

More specifically, AORA is collaborating with QFF over the coming months to deliver market sounding to identify:
  • Farmer demand for composts and soils;
  • Farmer specifications for composts and soils; and
  • How much farmers are willing to pay for product.

Whilst Queensland farmers widely use organic amendments, the key objective of this questionnaire is to survey farmers and in turn enable Queensland organic recycling industry to create organic compost products that meet your specifications.  

AORA is very optimistic that this market sounding will inevitably lead to improved productivity and lower production costs for Queensland farmers.

All survey returns are strictly confidential* and results will only be produced in aggregate. 
Please take a few moments to complete the survey by COB Friday 29 September 2023. If you have any questions about the survey please contact project officer Nick Behrens on 0448 034 355.

*Information collected will not be shared with any third party, will be used solely for the purposes of this project and will be destroyed at the end of the project.

14% of survey complete.