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In this survey, we use the term "livable"  to describe a home that is easy to live in and visit.   (The terms "universal" or "inclusive" are used in other circumstances to describe the same thing.)

A livable home is designed and built to meet the changing needs of occupants and visitors across their lifetime and the life of the home.
Livable homes include key easy living features that make them easier and safer to use for occupants and visitors including: people with disability, ageing Australians, people with temporary injuries, their carers and families with young children.

COAG's 2010-2020 National Disability Strategy committed to support the National Dialogue for Universal Housing Design's goal that all new homes will be of an agreed livable design standard by 2020.

At the direction of the Building Ministers Forum, the Australian Building Codes Board is assessing the need to regulate for livability in all new housing in the National Construction Code.

This survey will help to identify:
  • the difficulties (if any) in finding livable housing
  • the cost and benefit to Australian Society in providing livable features in all new housing; and
  • the features that should be in a livable standard for all new housing.

* 1. How do you describe yourself? (You may have more than one role)

* 2. Do you, your family or friends need livable housing either to live in or to visit?

* 3. Have you experienced any difficulty in finding livable housing for you, your family or your friends?