Please take this survey and tell us what you think makes communities tick. These survey questions are based on successful strategies from around the country and your answers will help define the topics and expertise we will bring to the meeting. We recognize that national trends are driving against economic viability in rural places and rural communities, but some of our Adirondack North Country communities are bucking those trends and we want to understand how and why. We will publish the results of this survey before the annual meeting, and will use it as the starting place to develop a community based guidance tool for helping communities across the region learn from each other and apply the tools and systems that are working both here and across the country.

* 1. What is your zip code?

* 2. Choose your top 10 criteria for a successful community: (attractive, resilient, vibrant, desirable, welcoming...)

* 3. How important is an active 'digital community' for you? (such as e-commerce, telehealth, telework, precision agriculture) The digital age has the potential to level the playing field between urban and rural communities. “Virtual density” allows diverse groups of people to collaborate regardless of where they live and work. This changing nature of innovation could provide unique opportunities for rural areas.

* 4. What is the quirkiest thing in or about your community (such as a special building, unique gathering place, festival, individual, group, or quality)?

* 5. In the past five years, do you think your community has gotten better or worse?